Read 'Em and Weep

Bobby used to live downstairs from me, when I lived in that shithole apartment in Phoenix. He told everyone that he lived in Glendale, because he had a better chance of spelling it correctly,
and Bobby is all about the odds.
He used to always make up fake statistics, in an attempt to lend credibility to his bullshit stories.
He would never say "Most people do this" or "Some people do that"...with Bobbers it was always "78% of people do this" or "46% of people do that"...I disliked him 98% of the time.

When I asked him why the cards were out of order, and sort of turning into jigsaw puzzle pieces,
he said "Because 32% of life is the unknowable stuff, you know, like puzzles, an' shit, 59% of life is havin' the right cards, and the other 16% is party time."
When I asked him about the spelling errors, he said "Huh? don't matter."

Extra deduction for English abuse.

What this tattoo says about the wearer (and the artist):

Books are for fags.



  1. Is this supposed to be a royal flush and if so is the ace a dimond or spade?

  2. My only question is don't people look at the stencil before the artist puts the ink in? It can't be a royal flush the ace is a diAmond and the ten isn't sure if it's a diamond or a spade. I think this type of tattoo must be where the saying "Look before you leap" really came from.