Under 17 Not Admitted

Look at this bizarre badge motif of "the Prophets [of the] Lord"...

I recognize Kenny Loggins , I think I see Colonel Sanders, the guy who played Larry Tate, Santa Claus, Orville Reddenbacher, and John Lithgow, and is that Buddy Holly in the lower left?

I was unaware that so many of the apostles wore glasses (which explains why people were reluctant to embrace Christianity--[men don't make passes et c].)

Extra Deduction for having 17 different white guys tattooed so that your back looks like a game of "Concentration".
And you had better only have one eye...

What this tattoo says about the owner:

I am a fatalist, who communicates most of my bumper-sticker "wisdom"
through cliches.


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  1. I actually think the bearded guy on the upper right is Will Gaines, founder of MAD Magazine. /Gustaf from Sweden