My Heart will Go On

It is Celine Dion, captured at the very moment that she had a massive stroke, but with
John Stamos' hair.
This tattoo sucks on many different levels.
The idea.
The execution.
Did I say the idea?

Portrait work can be tricky. Your artist has to know what he/she is doing, or else you run the risk of ending up with a no-neck, Teen-Wolf coiffed, version of the French Canadian "beauty".

I am not even going to mention her hand.
Yes I am.
Why is it so tan?

Extra deduction for everything. This tattoo represents all that is wrong in the world today.
This is a fucking tattoo blog. Celine Dion has no business here. I hope we never see her here again.

What the tattoo says about the wearer:

It screams "LOSER" loud and clear.


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