Vato Loco

I first met Alejandro in a bar, in Nuevo Laredo. He was my contact from the Cartel del Golfo.
He was going to give me the keys to a van full of weed.
I was going to give him the keys to a car full of guns ( part of the "Guns for Drugs" exchange program--don't forget to wipe off your fingerprints).
My first thought when I met him was "that nice boy's face looks like the wall in the men's room, except I can read the graffiti in there."

Extra deduction for making an ear with no tattoos look, and seem silly.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I have your wallet.



  1. hey captain, how you be? Good blog, I posted a link to your blog on mine, i hope that is OK. If you want me to take it down I will. thanks for the posts, complete gold. :)

    1. miguel halfa thinks its cool. im only half chicano. mi madre es la chicana. mi padre es el americano. vatos locos forever.

  2. miguel halfa here. wa's up big man? hay yo vatos locos forever. audios!

  3. miguel halfa: that last comment was kinda lame. cool blog dude. im hoping to get my vatos locos tattoo tonight. i already did the deed. i killed a crypt. halfa out.

  4. please feel free to send reply. miguel halfa.