Whirled Peas

This tattoo is on my cousin's ex, Brandon, although he wants us to call him "Shroomz."
He is one of those hippie asshole types, a vegan in leather shoes.

He spends most of his time preaching these bizarre hippie rants about all the death and suffering
that goes on in the world. A glass of milk is bovine holocaust to him. Honey means trillions of bees forced into tiny stables, pumped full of hormones, until the honey is brutally ripped from their tiny little honey udders.

He claims that he was "Soooo wasted" when he got this tattoo. He doesn't understand that it is not how wasted YOU are that makes a tattoo bad. He got this tattoo to be different, just like everybody else.

Extra deduction for spelling, and penmanship.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:
Can I just crash on your couch for a few weeks?

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