Last Place in the Aryan Race

This is Marlon. AKA #107-946.
He is looking for a nice woman, to share the finer things in life, like letters to one another, and rape-y conjugal visits. He sure loves Hitler, but his heart has room for one more. He is an avid lepidopterist, who also likes attending riots, burning crosses, and croquet.
No smokers, fatties, jews, blacks, asians, arabs, hippies, goths, latinas, democrats, canadians, moms, or uglies. Druggies OK.

Hurry, ladies, before someone else snatches this gem!

Extra deduction for giving up your entire back, for a Hitler tattoo, and a swastika.
You douchebag.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I have developed a taste for the black cock here in prison.