She Loves Me Not---She Loves Me

Here we have the tattoos of a woman who will steal your last dollar from your wallet, while you sleep it off, but she won't use that dollar to buy formula for the baby...she will buy herself one of those fancy coffee drinks from that College-boy coffee shop over by the
Interstate, just so she could feel "special". She can't even pronounce the name
of the damn drink (she calls it a "Macchio-ato" like it is made from the Karate Kid, and tomato)
And then she will try to get one of them coffee-shop boys to buy some of her pills that she takes, and she will end up fucking him in the manager's office. Again.

Nikita, Angel, and little Caleb's dads have all worked in that damn shop.

Extra deduction for filming it. And showing it to everyone.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I am evil poison...a tainted demon witch of a whore.

Hell, girl...I still love you, too. Come on home.