Tony Danza Extravaganza

Technically, this is a great tattoo. The artist truly captured the very essence of Danza, from his little-boy haircut (that might be the best tattoo of hair I have ever seen), to his goofwad grin. From his thought-lined forehead, to his foppish bow-tie.
It is little wonder he turned Danny Pintauro gay.

The biggest problem is that this is a Tony Danza talk-show era tattoo. If it was a "Taxi" era Danza, or even a "Who's the Boss" era one, he might not have even made the cut to be enshrined in these hallowed pages.
Nah, I am full of shit. Any Danzatoo will get you in. How the fuck did that guy make it?
He is like Lionel Richie...I don't know a single person who likes him, but somehow, he has succeeded.

Extra deduction for making the poor artist spend HOURS on a portrait of Tony Fucking Danza.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I knock em dead with my Danza imitation ad nauseum:

"Angela! Samantha! Mona!"