Don't Ask--Don't Tell--Don't Matter

Celebrities love to tell the general public their sexual preferences, (doggy style is my favorite...FYI) and I suppose that a superhero is as "celebrity" as it gets...sort of.
Well, some of us have always suspected that Batman and Robin were more than just SuperFriends--they were downright creepy sometimes...usually... always.

Bruce Wayne was a super rich, handsome, single guy, who spent all of his time with "The Boy Wonder"--his pointless companion who lacked Super powers, but looked damn cute in his little panties. If not for Batman's gadgets...oh, hell...nevermind.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard that Lance Bass was gay? Remember?-- you were all like "Duh! I have known that since No Strings Attached was released." People have always wanted to know how other people get their swerve on...everyone wants to know who is hetero, homo or the mysterious omnisexual Bi. For celebrities, these revelations can make front page news. Sometimes, this can be shocking. Like that guy k.d. lang--when he announced that he was a fruit, I was like "Really? No way!"

Extra deduction for the wannabe shock factor that falls flat.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

"Holy Improbable Buttocks, Batman!"



  1. hahaha, yeah, ok, that's bad.

  2. They're making out in the bathroom. You can tell cause of that towel hanging ring thing to the left of Robin.

    And what's that pulpy looking tattoo thing in the upper right?

  3. Good morning, Captain.

    I've been tagged by one of those damnable "meme" things, and I'm 47% certain that bad things will happen to me if I don't pass it on - and these days, who wants to take even that much of a chance?

    So you've been tagged. If you decide to play along, check my blog for the rules. If you decide not to play along - well, Heaven help you.

    Have a great week.

  4. This is truly classic. I'm gettin' one tomorrow.

  5. k.d. lang is gay? really? next thing, you'll tell me is that the indigo girls are lesbos too.


    I'm thinking a Wonder Woman and Cat Woman meow-fest would make for some interesting artwork...


  7. With all that wind they are going to catch a cold unless they get some pants on!

    Yep, maybe ten years ago that would have been shocking. They put racier stuff on TV now days.

  8. Okay -- so thanks a lot!!! Now I have to go watch Batman Begins with Christian Bale just so I can set my world right again. Sheesh. That is just disturbing. And don't you dare try to tell me my Christian Bale is gay!

    p.s. Is that a bull tat above their heads or just a fat, extremely unattractive cat?

  9. Lol, this is funny tatoo.

  10. I love batman, just not in that way.

    ...and now that i've seen this, all my Lego batman collectibles are going back in the closet, where this guy should be.

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