Inappropriate is My Middle Name

When Blake first got this tattoo, we all thought it was supposed to be Tina Yothers. Maybe it is his Grandma? Maybe it is Tina Yothers' Grandma? I have never been sure. Blake is a wiseassy never-got-over-College type, who still throws lots of themed parties. He has been on a "Island-Calypso" kick lately. I went to one, for about 15 minutes, but left when I realized that his asshole buddies were organizing a Limbo contest. I don't like his asshole buddies, and besides, I know that I can't go that low.

Blake's tattoo is special, because I think it might be the first, and only case of a tattoo undergoing transgender surgery. I do give him credit in the realism department, because most tattoos of women in bikinis have large, gravity defying breasts, and stay away from the "old lady shoulder and underarms" look. Not Blake's... I guess he figured my future is now.

Extra deduction for reminding me of the Borat Mankini.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

When I say I beat off to your mom, I am not joking.



  1. I can't believe he shows that tattoo to people. I believe I would go in for some cover up work as soon as possible.

  2. Is that an appendectomy scar on her gut, or something left over from a knife fight? The gray, atrophied arms are also a classy touch.

  3. You kill me. Your mind is so deliciously twisted: "Tina Yother's Grandmother..."

  4. I'm with KiKi, you are absolutly warped... And I love your blog so don't try to straighten yourself out any time soon!

  5. You can't help but love the total absence of anything resembling a waistline. Simply amazing, like the tattoo artist had heard of women, but had never actually seen one.

    Keep 'em coming

  6. How in the fuck did this happen???