Jesus Chrysler

About 10 years ago Jason started dating a Latina gal named Maribel. She had the craziest, thinnest eyebrows I have ever seen. They looked like this: ~ ~

Jason suddenly discovered Hot Rods, and Jesus, and tried hard to embrace both. Sadly, he did not really "get" either of them, evidenced by his "Jesus, the Love Bug" tattoo.

We called Jason "Herbie" for a long time after he got his tattoo, which he hated. Then someone pointed out that the front end of it kind of looked like a smiling whale, so Jason is called "Willy" now. He hates that, too. I have always appreciated the irony of Jesus having a vanity plate.
It just seems so un-Jesusy.

Extra deduction for putting Jesus' name on a car that Satan would drive.
Jesus would probably drive something much more fuel efficient.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I love Jesus.
well... I mean, I'm not religious about it or anything...


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  1. You absofuckinglutely crack me the hell up. I'll say it again, without your descriptively charming slant on the tattoos you post, they would just be bad tattoos. Its your verbage, sarcasm and wit that keeps me coming back for more. (I'm not usually this nice to people, so don't fucking tell anyone I said anything. In fact, I wasn't even here.)