RIP G.I. Joe

When I was a little kid, I lived down the street from Aaron. Aaron was sort of my friend, until we were 6, and he "shaved" the hair, beard, and most of the lower jaw off of my G.I. Joe, which REALLY pissed me off. We fought...he drifted his asshole-y, beard-peeling way...and I was happy to see him go. All through grade school, we waged open battles against one another, such as the "Aaron Poops His Pants" campaign of 2nd grade, or the "Aaron has Cooties" movement...which led to the "Aaron is a fucking cocksucker" period, from 1978-Present.

When I saw his tattoo, it took me back to that fateful day in my backyard. His tattoo looks almost exactly like my defaced G.I. Joe...yeah Aaron-motherfucker- don't let me see you walking around. Some of my grudges seem petty--even to me--but not this one.

Extra deduction for starting this war.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I always wondered if he remembered that day-
Now I know--and knowing is half the battle.



  1. I think a giant snake vomiting up a flaming human skull is pretty awesome. I can only shit them.

  2. It looks like Aaron got himself this time!