Jesus Miser

We were all sitting at the bar, telling lies, when Tommy came in, bragging about his new Jesus tattoo. After he showed it to us, we split into 2 camps--one thought it looked like Neptune or Poseidon, whichever you prefer...the other thought it looked like the dick from Nickelback.

After a few minutes, Neptune and Nickelback were joined by Hippie stickers of the sun, and Heat Miser. I also appreciate that Jesus has gotten rid of any pesky gray hair, by doing a lovely blue rinse. The one thing we DID agree on was that his prominent cheek pouches showed that this was an industrious Jesus, who was collecting seeds and nuts for the coming winter.

Extra deduction for the blue hair and beard. We all know that Jesus was a ginger ninja.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

...whatever I touch
turns to God in my clutch-
I'm too much!



  1. Oh can you help but not laugh. Poor Jesus. Doesn't anybody know? Jews don't get sunburned!

  2. It looks like a boss throwing star.

  3. I still think the little dude dancing in the corner is the best.

    I love the chromed out flower border. It's completely inexplicable.

  5. I read a few of your posts and they are pretty funny. I have a couple tattoos and fortunately for me, I personally drew them and had an amazing artist put my art on my body permanently.

    Sad days when some guy gets Jesus who looks like fake rocks stars and ancient gods!