Less Michael Moore

I met Josh in a bar in Lock Haven, Pennsyltucky. I was about a mile past drunk. He seemed to on the wrestling team at LHU. Or at least his jacket was.

"Hey...Man..HEY!!, Lemme see your tattoo."

"That might be the best tattoo of a 'Homeless guy' I have ever seen. Actually, it might be the ONLY tattoo of a Bum I have ever seen. What made you"--
(interrupting) "It is Michael Moore, not a bum."

"Michael Moore? (synapses firing) michael moore?....OH!! You mean that homeless bum who makes movies. Gotcha."
"Dude, he is not a bum, he makes huge money. Quit being a fag."

"A fag? You roll around with dudes, wearing leotards, and I am the fag?"
"Yeah. You are the fag, Fag."

"Whoa--whoa...I just wanted to see your tattoo. Besides, I don't have a cute little leotard to put on."
(getting all puffed up) "You are lucky that you don't. I would destroy you."

"Yes...yes. No question. But, when we get back to your place--cover Michael up... it is going to be difficult for me to maintain a boner, with such an ugly face looking at me."

After he beat me up, we became BFFs, just like in the movies! I was able to let him know that his tattoo was great work...I just think it is dumb. And he was able to communicate that he disagrees with my opinion, he thinks that I am an asshole, and his kung fu is better than mine.

Extra deduction because if you needed to feel connected to Michael Moore, you could have just followed him on one of the social media sites. If you need to befriend a guy who needs a shave, and looks like he might smell bad-- here---Twitter, or myspace.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

Weird things.



  1. The only place I'd get a tattoo of Michael Moore is my butt, so that crap would come out of his mouth.

  2. I gotta tell you that this tat artist knew his/her shit. It's very photo realistic. My only issue is WHY?

  3. scary that people get tats like that. I'd like one of Dan Rather

  4. That's, seriously, wow. I know the number of a good therapist.

  5. It would be funny if Michael Moore turned out to be an alter ego like Borat and the real guy was somebody that guy would hate.

    A Michael Moore Tattoo, that makes the Hello Kitty ones make sense in comparison.

  6. Micheal Moore is a dumbshit fag who is just being another liberal media bitch

  7. That almost looks like Jon Candy half way through a Weight Watchers program.