Jesus Pieces 2

When Marty showed me this tattoo, I thought it was a Joan Jett and the Blackhearts tattoo. I was puzzled about the jazz hands and pigeon toes, but I figured maybe it is from a song I am not familiar with...surely she had more than just the two that I know.

(pointing at his tattoo) "Big fan, huh?--I was never that into them, but I would've had sexual intercourse with her "
"Her?! This is for Him!"

"Him?! Who--Jeffrey Dahmer?"
"No! Not him...HIM"

"Ohhhhh, that Finnish band?"
"No, asshole--Jesus."

"Jesus?! When did they chop him up?"
"They didn't... It is the 5 Wounds of Christ"

"But it would be 10 wounds, now that they cut his his hands and feet off, and his heart out."
"Whatever-- Who did you mean, that you would have sex with?"

"What? Oh, no one--nevermind."
"No. WHO?"

"Your mom."
"You're sick."

Extra deduction for trying to make ME out to be the weirdo-- you are the one with body parts tattooed on you, Dexter.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

CSI:Jerusalem. Wednesday nights, at 9:00, only on CBS.



  1. I just blew cold coffee out of my nose laughing. NICE! And never thought of Jesus having bloody "jazz hands" -- Hot!

  2. I got a kick out of the whole-
    "Your mom."
    "You're sick."

    I almost want to feel guilty for laughing at the bad Jesus tattoos but this shit is too funny!

  3. This page should've went up on Halloween.


    What's that ghosty stuff coming out of the top of the heart?

  4. That's fucking hilarious - I rarely laugh out loud at anything these days. For this, I did.

    Everything is better with Jazz Hands.

    Too fucking funny.

  5. I had to come back again. This one really cracks me up. Still too fucking funny the second time around.