My Kinda Town

I met Jared at a Mastodon show, in Chicago, or "Chi-tonw" which is what the locals evidently call it. Jared (he wanted me to call him "J-Rock"---I would not) was one of those guys who really needs the world to know how tough he is. Our conversation was mostly about how his tattoos didn't hurt him. He "barely felt" his fake Ta moko ... His homage to his hometown did not hurt...Not even his pretty butterfly- I mean his super-tough macho moth creature, with a skull on it.

Jared was drinking that Orange Sparks stuff, (a manly choice) and kept talking about how he beat the living shit out of the guy who did his Chi-tonw tattoo...which he might have done, as he was a big guy, and lots of tattoo artists are skinny guys that draw a lot. After about 10 minutes of talking to him, I could see that he was probably going to take a swing at me, so I decided to move closer to the stage, because I like Mastodon more than I like fighting fat, drunk guys.

Extra deductions for inappropriate moko, and, of course spelling.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I am where ignorance meets stupidity.


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