Dalton Wept

My old drinking buddy Karl , from Buffalo, got this tattoo of Jesus. It is technically a very good tattoo. The robes look "robey," and the beard looks "beardy." After about 20 shots of Jameson I told him it looked like Jesus was being played by Patrick Swayze, and that it looked like he was playing Cowboys and Indians.

Karl was a good guy, who had a good job. He lived in a really cool apartment, with his girlfriend. Tina was a "cool chick," who was funny, and smart. She was an EMT, who was finishing Medical School.
God, I'd love to nail that little bitch.

Extra deduction for driving me nuts saying "Adios, Amigo" a la Bodhi in "Point Break" before every shot we do now.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.


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  1. Kinda looks like Jesus there is also flashing me the finger.