Maybe he is a Pisces?

I met Ray in a seedy bar in New Orleans. He was a roustabout, or roughneck, or a of those "manly job" guys, whose job title doesn't really tell you what they do. I could tell that Ray wore workboots, and jeans every day, now matter how hot it was. He wore a belt with tools attached to it, and had the most significant set of keys I have ever seen. He must have been really important, to merit entry into so many locked spaces. His complexion looked like the underside of a carpet. Words cannot convey how unsettling it was to watch him (slowly) pull up his jeans for this picture.

I am really not sure what this tattoo is supposed to be...I think I see a fish, but it might be a chicken foot, or an upside down flamingo? It says "MOM" (or "WOW") but that is the only thing I can identify. Maybe this will help...

Nope...guess not.

Extra deduction for playing so many Ted Nugent songs on the jukebox.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

(Drunken mumbling)...Mom...shickenfishleg...flamingo?



  1. That tattoo is so not understandable that I'm fascinated. There is some sort of Lovecraftian horror hidden in that tattoo, I'm sure if he kept rolling you'd've gone mad with terror at the ink around his groin.

  2. Haha. I cant figure it out either.

  3. At first I thought it was the ass end of a bull with his cajones hanging down, but nope -- or if it is that's one deformed bull. Dude, I'm clueless.

    "(Drunken mumbling)...Mom...shickenfishleg...flamingo?"

    Hahaha Okay. I'll believe that!

  4. Ripped jeans or what is more likely unfinished cowboy chaps, the furry kind.