Think Pink

Jenny is my friend Gabe's girlfriend...fiance...whatever. They live in Indianapolis. Jenny spends 16 hours a day, or more, on her myspace page, where her username is HotTat2girl. She collects Hello Kitty shit, and rainbow posters. She always smells like onions. Jenny has one of those yappy little white dogs named Buster. She has sent countless photos to that goddamned Cheezburger site.

She got this bat-winged flamingo because it is the only pink animal she could think of.
When I mentioned that her tattoo didn't have to be pink, in fact, pink is a bad choice, as it will fade... she looked at me like I was a very small, stupid child, and said " But pink is my favorite color."
I pointed out that tattoos don't have to be animals...and if it has to be pink, she could get a heart, or a flower. She told me that would be dumb, and then went back to adding friends.
I guess a flamingo in Indiana makes sense, as it is coastal, and stays hot all year round. The place must be teeming with 'em.

Extra deduction for thinking that putting widgets on myspace means you know HTML.
In a few years, this tattoo is going to look like Nessie, and 2 sticks.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

Thanx 4 the add.



  1. Her tat looks like a fucking teradactyl! She needs to stick with MySpace and Can I Haz Cheezburger? Stay outta the tat shops.

  2. You had me at bat-winged! fuk'n love it.

  3. The flamingo is about to land on a barbed wire fence, somebody get ready to call a vet.