Blood In--Freak Out

I met Oswaldo -aka- "Puppet" in Phoenix.
He was an active member of several intramural gangs and a few street thug development programs. So many, that he no longer wore clothing, as all "colors" are now a potential affront to his colleagues. He had been a scrappy, slap-hitting second baseman at Northern Arizona University, but jumped the team, and his scholarship, and his future, when his brother Reynaldo -- aka- "Gummi-Bear" got jumped by some suckas from the Vista Bloods...or maybe it was the Park South Crips...I can't recall, but "they hate all them bitches, mang!"

After Gummi-Bear got jumped, and Puppet came home, they realized that he needed to remember where he came from. So he tattooed his face enough to ensure that he can never leave home.

Extra deduction for breaking your mother's heart.

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

I have alienated myself to gain acceptance...sort of like Dave Coulier



  1. No matter what, face tattoos are always a great idea!

  2. if you love the art u can live with the art