Hey, Zeus!

This tattoo is on Paul. He is from Buffalo, that is why that turquoise shirt was acceptable to him...
His Jesus has sort of a "Victor/Victoria" thing going side of his beard is all metrosexual, and he has those ruby red lips. His nose is too short, and the eyes are too wide. You can also see the bulge in Jesus' chin, on the metrosexual side, from his plug of Skoal. Jesus looks fresh from the salon, with his curls neatly set. He should not have let Taz tattoo him.

Paul does have some redeeming qualities, although he is about as dumb as a bag of hammers. He is good at driving on ice, and he is a fancy spitter.

Extra deduction for making JC look like a Tesla coil

What this tattoo says about the wearer:

Can I bum a smoke?



  1. I'm pretty sure this was done by the same dude who did "Sunday Jesus Pieces." He seems to have a terrible understanding of facial composition...

  2. How do you know that it's suppose to be Jesus? Maybe it's a picture of his love child with the bearded lady at the circus? Ya never know.